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Protect your privacy on the Internet

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Protect your privacy on the Internet

Your privacy on the Internet depends on your ability to control both the amount of personal information that you provide and who has access to that information.

Think before you share personal information
First, read the website's privacy policy

Privacy policies should clearly explain what data the website gathers about you, how it is used, shared, and secured, and how you can edit or delete it. (For example, look at the bottom of this and every page on No privacy statement? Take your business elsewhere.

Do not share more than you need to

Do not post anything online that you would not want made public.

Minimize details that identify you or your whereabouts.

Keep your account numbers, user names, and passwords secret.

Only share your primary email address or Instant Message (IM) name with people who you know or with reputable organizations. Avoid listing your address or name on Internet directories and job-posting sites.

Choose how private you want your profile or blog to be

Modify Windows Internet Explorer or website settings or options to manage who can see your online profile or photos, how people can search for you, who can make comments on what you post, and how to block unwanted access by others.


Reference Microsoft Safety & Security Cetre


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