Keep fit and stay healthy

22 April 2013 By In Health
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Keep fit and stay healthy Keep fit and stay healthy Hassan

Everyone knows that we should be exercising on regular basics. But, how many of us are really doing it. Do you know the importance of exercise? Not only does working out helps you to slim down a few kilos, but there are also many other reasons to include some regular activity in your routine. Read on to get motivated to exercise.

Exercise has many important benefits. It helps to minimize depression and instantly boost the mood due to the production of “feel- good hormones”, endorphins.  If you are feeling down, just do some exercise and you will absolutely feel great and more upbeat by the end of your session.

Exercise do helps you to sleep better at night due to the actually physical activity, which ensures that your body and mind are ready for a good rest.

Another advantage is reducing stress level. Worries in life tend to shrink in size while you are engaged in a work out. Combined with the production of endorphins, stress and anxiety will decline.

Exercise enhances focus and mental clarity. Research has shown that those who involves in regular exercise have fewer chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s senility.

It promotes better energy levels. It may sound doubtful, but in fact the more you exercise, the more energy you will have. Feeling sluggish? Go for a jog or a slow walk along the beach or park. Strength and stamina can be improved with regular exercise. Those troublesome tasks will feel much easier, and you will be able to do more for longer period of time.

Exercise also helps to tone your muscles, leaving you looking more defined. The extra muscle mass will also help to increase your inactive metabolism.

Self-esteem and self confidence can greatly be improved once you starting to tone up your body. You will look better and feel better. The extra energy, stamina and endorphins will spread out into other areas of your life, which makes you feel more in control of yourself and your life.

Exercise can improve balance and coordination as well as cardiovascular fitness, helping reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. According to India Today, India's no.1 killer is Heart disease. You might be thinking, I am not living in India but in Singapore. But look at our meals, which include briyani, mee goreng, chicken rice and many others.

Aerobic activity is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process. It will improve both the health and efficiency of your heart and lungs. The improved circulation results in glowing completion and improved transportation of oxygen around the body.

Getting Started

30 minutes every day is ideal. If 30minutes is too much for you, try to divide into smaller intervals. Go for a walk at lunch time or use steps at the office instead of the elevator. Use your car less and make an effort to ride a bicycle or walk. It would greatly improve your lifestyle.

Type of exercise include, brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, skipping rope.  Try to activity that you enjoy most and are good at. You should have fun while you are working out, if not try swapping to another work out. It will want to keep you going and your sense of well-being will be heightened.

Our Indian community has never tried to incorporate a regular workout into our daily routine. Start today and you will quickly notice the difference when you skip a session. Having less energy and feeling more stressed and anxious are some of the most obvious symptoms that quickly return.

Once you have started exercising regularly, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. You body and health will reward you as well.


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