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19 August 2013 By In Health
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Ramadan might be over, but that does not mean we should leave behind the dates fruit. Make it a habit to consume it on daily basics to gain some nutrition as well follow the sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I saw Messenger of Allah () eating some dates while sitting on his buttocks, with his legs raised. [Muslim].

The Dates fruit is categorized amongst the fruits of heaven in Islam; it is mentioned in the Muslims’ holy book, the Qura’an, twenty times. In addition, the messenger of God, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), advises, “if anyone of you is fasting, let him break his fast with dates.”[ Ahmad and at-Tirmidhi] Nonetheless, dieticians recommend Dates as part of a balanced diet, if one's health permits it. So what is so good about Dates?

Dates contain a lot of nutrients such as sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, fiber, calcium, oil, iron, potassium, which are required on the daily basics to person. Hence, choosing Dates as part of a meal automatically prevents a person from over-eating since it provides the above mentioned elements that satisfy hunger. Moreover, Dates are easy to digest which makes it easy for the digestive system to process this food. Within the domain of the digestive system, Dates contain laxative elements which prevent constipation. The nicotinic content in Dates is also proven to cure intestinal disorders.

Pregnant women should consume dates in order to achieve their daily nutrition. In addition to Islamic belief, scientific studies prove that Dates consumed by pregnant women immensely benefit the growth of the fetus. Also, studies have shown that Dates contain some stimulants that strengthen the muscles of the uterus in the last periods of pregnancy. This helps with the dilation and reduces post-delivery bleeding. Not only do Dates help enrich the breast-milk in breast-feeding mothers, but also lessen the chances of post-delivery depression. The benefits of Dates are certainly not limited to the previously mentioned. Dates are also beneficial to the respiratory system, vision, and other health factors.

There’s a variety of ways people choose to eat the Dates fruit. Some eat it ripe and as is, where others, particularly in the Arabic world, eat it with butter, bread and almond stuffed. Dates paste is also commonly used in Middle-Eastern recipes such as combining it with cucumbers, along with many other meals. When left to soak in water for a full night, the syrup released from the Dates is another way of gaining its full nutrition. What’s convenient about this fruit is that it’s available at most local fruit markets and supermarket as well as being affordable.

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